Bunch of Kunst




Engaging, rough-and-ready documentary about the Nottingham rock duo Sleaford Mods.

   Bunch of Kunst


This enjoyable documentary directed with energy by Christine Franz focuses on Nottingham’s rock duo Sleaford Mods, who have been labelled “the angriest band in Britain”. Ex chicken factory worker Jason Williamson shouts his brutally honest lyrics to his many admirers in gigs across the country (a way of beating up people without hitting them). Glastonbury was one of their biggest successes.


Franz follows the duo on a European tour where the German fans praise the group’s talents and attitude even though they don’t understand the lyrics. The music is written by Andrew Fearn – a quiet presence on stage next to Jason. Steve Underwood, their hard working and committed manager, completes this unique group that has also been called “The Voice of Britain”. Franz interviews the men in question as well as members of Williamson’s family, while fans like Iggy Pop get to express their opinions about the duo’s work with poignant observations about dead end jobs (“they tell what Britain is at the moment”).


The provocative title lives up to Franz’s rough style of filmmaking, which matches the angry sound of the band.




Featuring  Andrew Fearn, Sleaford Mods, Steve Underwood, Jason Williamson.


Dir Christine Franz, Pro Christine Franz, Screenplay Christine Franz, Ph Daniel Waldhecker, Ed Oliver Werner.


Munro Film Services.

102 mins. Germany/UK. 2017. Rel: 21 April 2017. Cert. 18.