Daddy's Home




Stepdad Will Ferrell and biological father Mark Wahlberg are pitted against each other in this routine comedy from the director of Horrible Bosses 2.


Brad Taggart (Will Ferrell) is trying his best to be the ideal stepfather to his wife’s (Linda Cardellini) two children – and is beginning to succeed. Then Dusty (Mark Wahlberg), the children’s real dad, rides back into town. He is the perfect athlete, the perfect handyman and a dream of a man, forcing Brad to sink deep into an inferiority complex. Whatever Brad touches turns into a disaster, while Dusty’ ability to charm the kids and everybody else makes Brad even more hopeless...


Daddy's Home

Fathers know best: Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg


The main premise is fun but finally this is a one idea situation which runs out of steam long before the closing credits. Ferrell and Wahlberg work well together and have a natural chemistry between them, as they previously demonstrated in The Other Guys, but they need a better script and a more imaginative director than Sean Anders, who appears to be directing by numbers. Wahlberg clearly spent time in the gym preparing for the role but the beefed up result is verging on the grotesque – long gone are the days of Marky Mark’s perfectly formed body. The lovely Cardellini is simply token here as she is not given enough to do. The film also lacks pace and is nowhere near as funny as it could be.




Cast: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Scarlett Estevez, Hannibal Buress, Paul Scheer, Thomas Haden Church, Bobby Cannavale, John Cena.


Dir Sean Anders, Pro Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Chris Henchy and John Morris, Screenplay Brian Burns, Sean Anders and John Morris, Ph Julio Macat, Pro Des Clayton Hartley, Ed Eric Kissack and Brad Wilhite, Music Michael Andrews, Costumes Carol Ramsey.


Red Granite Pictures/Gary Sanchez Productions-Paramount Pictures.

95 mins. USA. 2015. Rel: 26 December 2015. Cert. 12A.