My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2




There’s another Greek wedding around the corner which is even bigger and fatter than the first one. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it?


The Greek-Canadian Nia Vardalos hit the jackpot in 2002 after her one-person stage show was picked up by Rita Wilson and turned into a movie, becoming one of the biggest independent hits of all time. In the ensuing years Toula Portokalos (Vardalos) is still working at her parents’ Greek restaurant. However, she is now preoccupied with problems concerning her teenage daughter Paris (Elena Kampouris), who is about to graduate from high school and head for college. The grandparents are eager to find Paris a good Greek boy to marry but soon find that they have a more immediate problem, one which threatens their own marriage...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Greek is the word... Elena Kampouris and Nia Vardalos


All the stereotypes are back in this predictable but lovable comedy: Vardalos’s witty script is full of delightful gems. Generously, she still gives the best lines to the brilliant Michael Constantine, who plays her father Gus, the proud patriot, who never fails to find the Greek root for every word going (including Facebook) and is convinced that he is a direct descendant of Alexander the Great. Meanwhile, three subplots run smoothly together and some new characters are also introduced. Producer Rita Wilson makes a fine contribution in a cameo but it is the bright newcomer Kampouris who steals the movie as Paris, the beautiful teenage daughter desperate to escape from the stifling love of her family and to find her own two feet. And you don’t have to be Greek to enjoy this! 




Cast: Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Lainie Kazan, Michael Constantine, Andrea Martin, Elena Kampouris, Ian Gomez, John Stamos, Rita Wilson, Gia Carides, Joey Fatone, Jayne Eastwood.


Dir Kirk Jones, Pro Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Ex Pro Nia Vardalos, Screenplay Nia Vardalos, Ph Jim Denault, Pro Des Gregory P. Keen, Ed Markus Czyzewski, Music Christopher Lennertz, Costumes Gersha Phillips.


Gold Circle Films/HBO Films/Playtone-Universal Pictures.
93 mins. USA. 2016. Rel: 25 March 2016. Cert. 12A.